Preston Junkyard

What is it about construction, reconstruction, deconstruction? Is it the stories in every piece of junk and rubble? The lives, the moments, the love and the loss? Is it the prospect of new beginnings? Could it be that nothing is finite and as one thing falls or fades another comes to life?

The romance of photography and its ability to encapsulate the magic in what may ordinarily be perceived as mundane will never cease to amaze me.

The connection with these concepts through my photography, particularly with 35mm film, is incredibly powerful. To capture so much in a split second … the still resonating life past, present and future.

Opportunities abound.

I’m a cup half full kind of person.

Preston Junkyard Zo Damage 35mm film series  [Ilford Delta 3200]

Preston Junkyard
Zo Damage 35mm film series
[Ilford Delta 3200]

Ltd Edition

This very Limited Edition photograph is part of the Zo Damage 35mm Film series. Prints created on Group C archival paper using the highest quality archival pigments. Limited Edition of –/10 only.

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This photograph is very a limited edition, hand signed, titled and numbered by Zo Damage and available to buy exclusively from Zo Damage @ QVM. Credit cards accepted. Gift cards available. PBS member discount applies. Phone and email orders welcome.