Ho ho no

9 December 2016 – Day 289/366

Peak hour. The city teems with commuters eager to wrap up their day and move on and out to … what ever it is that they do. A swarm three people deep gathers at the tram stop outside the old GPO in Bourke St. A man is screaming and writhing on the ground. Thrashing between jingle bells and hack-couture. The swarm is indifferent. Outside Myer, crowds gaze into the Christmas window display. Despite the masses, everything feels … empty. #bourkestreet

365 Day Project

On 25 February 2016 Zo committed to photographing a band or more every day for a full year with her 365 DayProject. As 2016 was a leap year Zo photographed each of the 366 days, successfully completing her unprecedented project on 24 February 2017.

Zo's book The Damage Report, released in August 2017, celebrates the successful completion of her 365 Day Project, offering an insightful look into live music culture from the perspective of the scene itself.