Purchased Zo’s book The Damage Report. It’s a wonderful addition to the coffee table. Recommended!
— David
The Damage Report is at once the testament to an incredible feat of endurance; a blinding anthology of live rock photography by one of the form’s greatest Australian practitioners … Once the book’s aura of nowness gathers a little dust and the moment it so valuably captures slips conclusively into the preterite, we’ll be better placed to appreciate the extent of Damage’s achievement. For now, it’s enough to know that I hold in my hands a book that I’ll find myself reaching for years to come.
— Gerald Elson: Readings Books
Zo’s atmospheric, low-light black and white photographs bristle with the raw energy of a great gig where performer and audience become a continuous feed loop. Her themed solo exhibitions have become a fixture on Melbourne’s exhibition circuit and continue to provide inspiration to both industry professionals and the wider public.
— Carolyn Laffan: Curator (Music), Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne
Zo is capturing an aspect of our culture as it’s happening. She is banking both our emotional and visual memories, and that’s gold.
— Jon Perring: The Tote Hotel, Bar Open
Zo has captured a period in which many of us are left wondering about the music industry’s future, while showing that the right now is a celebration of a very fertile time of music creation.
— Jason Fuller: Goatsound Studios, The Ruiner, Blood Duster
The Leonard Cohen picture takes pride of place in our house.
— Greg & Cal
I bought Cosmic Kahuna Tote’L’Rumble and Sea Of Hands II. Beautifully framed and pride of place in my lounge room.
— Katherine
I spotted one of your photographs on the wall of a house that I was viewing recently. I bought the house, but haven’t stopped looking for the photo ever since! Today I have finally found you, and the photo. It’s The Loveless II, which the old homeowner bought at an exhibition of your work in Melbourne. I absolutely love it, it literally sold the house to me!
— Sarah from Scotland
The Damage Report represents an outstanding achievement from one of the most dedicated Australian photographers.
— Jose
The 365 Day Project is about dedication, resilience and determination. Every day for a year, you’d find Zo down in the pit, capturing the stories and the characters who form the narrative of Melbourne’s music.
— Helen Marcou: SLAM, Bakehouse Studios
Zo is an integral part of the scene and a dedicated archivist. Her [365 Day] project will help future generations learn from and appreciate what will be considered a halcyon period for live music.
— Patrick Donovan, CEO, Music Victoria