Zo Damage presents a powerful collection of photographs celebrating live music, community and the energy between fans and artists with CLAN, as shown at the Zo Damage gallery at Queen Victoria Market in December 2018.

clan /klan/
A large family, or a group of people who share the same interest.

Blood Duster, The Tote, 8 December 2017 (last Tote show) © Zo Damage

Blood Duster
The Tote 2018 

Bronson (British Bulldog), Bendigo Hotel 2016 © Zo Damage

Bendigo Hotel 2016

Cosmic Psychos, All Good In The Wood 2015 © Zo Damage

Cosmic Psychos
All Good In The Wood 2015

Dead Letter Circus, CLIPSAL 500 2011 © Zo Damage

Dead Letter Circus
CLIPSAL 500 2011

Gareth Liddiard, The Tote 2016 © Zo Damage

Gareth Liddiard 
The Tote 2016

Grindhouse, The Tote 2016 © Zo Damage

The Tote 2016

Havittajat, The Tote 2017 © Zo Damage

The Tote, 2017 

Help Me
Soundwave, Melbourne 2010
Ltd Edition

House party, Northcote 2016 © Zo Damage

House Party
Northcote 2016

In the pit © Zo Damage

In the pit
Soundwave 2010
Ltd Edition

King Parrot, Cherry Rock 2013 © Zo Damage

King Parrot 
Cherry Rock 2013 

King Parrot (Dead End), The Tote 2014 © Zo Damage

King Parrot 
Behind the scenes, Dead End video shoot
The Tote 2014

Limp Bizkit (Fred Durst), Download 2018 © Zo Damage

Limp Bizkit
Download, Melbourne 2018
Ltd Edition

Product © Zo Damage. Zo Damage 365 Day Project / The Damage Report.

The Tote 2016

SLAM Rally (Paul Kelly, Missy Higgens, Vika and Linda Bull, Claire Bowditch) © Zo Damage

SLAM Rally I
Melbourne CBD 2010

Singing II, Download Melbourne 2018 © Zo Damage

Singing II
Download, Melbourne 2018

Spacejunk v Tankerville, Tote'L'Rumble, The Tote © Zo Damage

Spacejunk v Tankerville
Tote L'Rumble, The Tote 2016

Strangers, Falls Festival Geelong 2015 © Zo Damage

Falls Festival, Geelong 2015

The Tote Hotel 2016 © Zo Damage

Gig On
The Tote 2016

The Dwarves (Blag Dahlia), Cherry Rock 2017 © Zo Damage

The Dwarves
Cherry Rock 2017

The Flaming Lips (Wayne Coyne), Harvest Festival 2011 © Zo Damage

The Flaming Lips
Harvest Festival 2011
Ltd Edition

The Jezabels, Festival Hall 2012 © Zo Damage

The Jezabels I
Festival Hall 2012

Tyrannamen, The Labour In Vain 2017 © Zo Damage

The Labour In Vain 2017

Untitled II (Crowd surfers / Parkway Drive), The Palace Theatre 2009 © Zo Damage

Untitled II
The Palace Theatre 2009

George Watsky, Evelyn Hotel 2014 © Zo Damage

Evelyn Hotel 2014

Wet Lips, Zo Damage 365 Day Project / The Damage Report

Wet Lips
The Tote 2017