Strutting bands and filling the bill

Fuzz Fest 2016 organiser Andy Simpson talks strutting bands, filling the bill, cool vibes.

How did you go about picking bands for Fuzz Fest?

I took a bit of a different approach. I didn’t want to go through the process of asking bands to play and entering into negotiations around money. The approach was, ‘I’m putting on this event. If you would really like to be a part of it, then I’ll try to get you on the bill. If you’re only doing it for the cash and I need to wave the right dollar amount in your face, then I’ll get someone else.

I wanted every band on the bill to really want to be there and I wanted the vibe to be really cool and unpretentious.

Often, at these kind of events, you get a few bands strutting around like wankers cause they are the main act or whatever. We didn’t have any of that. [Fuzz Fest] was totally ego free and awesome.

Swidgen 2016

Swidgen © Zo Damage


Sheriff © Zo Damage

Along with putting together Fuzz Fest, you’re also in a number of bands and have your own recording studio. How do you go about managing it all? Does each project benefit the other?

It’s pretty hectic. Plus, my brother Mick and I have just started TV EYE, a pop up bar business, so I’m pretty flat out. But all the business activities feed off each other. Some of the bands that played Fuzz Fest are bands that recorded at the studio and stuff like that. It’s just great to be able to make a living as a muso / engineer / promoter and do that working for yourself.

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