See The Sound presents RIDE

The gigs we get to on the 86
By Zo Damage

The 86 played a huge part in my 365 Day Project with my car blowing a head gasket three months in, the tram became my primary source of transport in getting to gigs.

The January mini-installation at See The Sound pays tribute to this crazy and colourful tram line and just some of the venues along (and within stones throw of) the 86 route.

The journey begins in the heart of Melbourne at Max Watt’s in Swanston St, travelling North through Fitzroy, Collingwood, Northcote and Thornbury. RIDE features photographs taken at some of Melbourne’s most loved and iconic dive bar/live music staples including 170 Russell, Yah Yahs, Grumpys, The Labour In Vain, The Tote, The Old Bar, Evelyn Hotel, The Gasometer Hotel, Northcote Social Club, Bar 303 and Tago Mago.

All photographs available to buy at See The Sound, and order online at Free shipping AU wide. Includes tracking. Conditions apply.

Ride Map

The photographs

Blood Duster 2007

Max Watt's: Blood Duster 2007

The Black Angels 2011

Max Watt's: The Black Angels 2011

L7 © Zo Damage

170 Russell: L7 2016 (365 Day Project)

Ding Dong Lounge: Damn Terran 2014

Cherry Bar: The Dwarves 2017

The Palace (RIP): Untitled

The Palace (RIP): Slash 2010

Yah Yah's: Batpiss 2016 (365 Day Project)

Grumpy's: Merchant 2016 (365 Day Project)

The Grace Darling: The Loveless 2014

The Labour In Vain: Tyrannamen 2017

The Old Bar: Future Of The Left 2018


The Evelyn Hotel: Watsky 2014

The Tote: The Tote 2016 (365 Day Project)

The Tote: Tankerville 2016 (365 Day Project)

The Tote: King Parrot 2014

The Tote: Gareth Liddiard 2016 (365 Day Project)

The Gasometer Hotel: La Bastard 2017 (365 Day Project)

Northcote: House party 2016 (365 Day Project)

Northcote Social: King Parrot 2013

Bar 303: Jazz Jam (365 Day Project)

Tago Mago: Money For Rope 2017 (365 Day Project)

The gigs we get to on the 86
See The Sound
115 Therry St Melbourne
23 Jan – 11 Feb 2018

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