New beginnings

I love construction, deconstruction and chaos, each symbolising growth, new beginnings, moving forward.

Human impact resonates very strongly with me in the simplest of things, from an asthma pump embedded in the mud of a desolate construction site to a lonely feather duster on an empty and very grimy Smith St in Collingwood.

Parallels, paradox and irony. Humour and sorrow.

It reminds me of photographing bands from side of stage: A performance with 10s of thousands of people in attendance, and from back stage looking out, all I can think about is the solitude of the performers and the strangeness of the moment / situation. I also see great joys.

Everything has a story to tell, past, present and future.

Progress (I)
Demolition or development?
Therry St, Melbourne, 2019
© Zo Damage 
(35mm series — Limited Edition)