Makeshift studios and shallow graves

Tankerville's Joel Morrison talks makeshift studios, getting away and shallow graves.

Who are Tankerville?

Joel, Chris and Chow, three idiots who decided to put music to their idiotic drunken banter.

You’ve just recently wrapped up recording at Watermill Farm. Tell us about your recording session.

We wanted to get away for a couple of days and lay down all our songs. We also had plans to leave Chris out there in a shallow grave, but he proved his worth by making some excellent pasta, so we decided to keep him a bit longer. Watch your back though, bloke.

Is the farm a studio or did you have to take everything up there?

We took everything up there. Chow has a bit of recording equipment and we enlisted super growler/maestro mixer Max Ducker (Mutton, Hoarse and Cellar Sessions Studio) to come up and record us.

What about the release?

Not sure yet. Probably go with an EP and a fair few splits with a bunch of bands. We got to figure out what to do with 25 songs.

Does the release have a title yet?

Not yet. Some of the titles in the ring are 'Greatest Hits Vol II', 'Shit The Bed', 'Chris Drane After Dark', 'Rollin’ 6s', 'Grandma’s Shotgun' and 'Mrs D’s Country Chicken'.

When will it be available?

Hopefully, within the next few months. We either gotta come up with some cash or kidnap a label’s relative to make them release it.

Reckon you’ll do vinyl?

Surely will.

Got any gigs coming up?

Yeah, we got heaps.


Watch Tankerville's video for 'Breakfast Kebab'.