Let chaos reign supreme

The Tote
Zo Damage 365 Day Project
16 March 2016 – Day 21/366

Heavy artillery, epic riffs, and a battle royal … welcome to Tote'L'Rumble rock'n'roll wrestling finals!

Wednesday, 16 March brought in the Tote'L'Rumble Rock'n'Roll Wrestling finals. Struggling to get your head around it? If you think "Jools Holland" meets "Celebrity Deathmatch" with a solid dose of the Melbourne underground rock'n'roll scene thrown in for good measure you're on the money.

Tankerville / Spacejunk

Get ready to rumble. Tankerville (left) and Spacejunk (right) prepare to face-off in the ring for a place in the Tote'L'Rumble Rock'n'Roll Finals at The Tote.

Threads were torn, warpaint was worn and feathers flew as Melbourne underground rock'n'roll heavy weights faced-off, song for song, in the ring for the Tote'L'Rumble Rock'n'Roll Wrestling final at The Tote. The finals saw Spacejunk v Tankerville and Cosmic Kahuna v Don Bosco with the winners of each bout going into the the grand final. Congratulations to Tote'L'Rumble victors Cosmic Kahuna!


Cosmic Kahuna / Don Bosco

Cosmic Kahuna (left) and Don Bosco (right) battle it out for a place in the Tote'L'Rumble Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Grand Final at The Tote.

It was an epic night. I hope the photos show how much fun it was and how hard all the bands played! Everyone brought their A-Game!