Hey behind you

Limp Bizkit 
Download Festival  
24 March 2018 

A-List festivals are interesting, exciting and equally unpredictable.

The squash
When headline artists perform, the photographers cram around the singer (or who ever is the highest profile person on stage) creating something akin to a shit-storm in a sardine can as everyone jostles and vies for pretty much the same shot. 

Mixing it up
First three songs no flash is the norm for these events. There are only so many photographs worth taking before you find yourself reshooting all but the same thing for any one given set and I have a short attention span, so (for better or worse) mixing things up is a must.

Time to move
Limp Bizkit's set was brilliant.  

After one song I headed out of the pit and up through the D-Ring. The aim was to get some shots of the crowd loosing their shit, the full stage and of the festival experience. 

Unexpected encounters
So I'm up the middle – out of the pit and the squash – happy taking photos of the crowd when someone taps my shoulder. It's a security guard. "Watch out behind you ok".

I glance down and then back.

We both grin.

When the planets align
Being up the end of the D-Ring barrier alone and unexpectedly tapped tapped on the shoulder by a security guard who was to give me a heads-up that I might want to move over for Fred Durst who all but climbed over the top of me to get up close and in to the Download Festival crowd was nothing short of an amazing alignment of the planets, and, confirmation that there is indeed a lens god.

This goes down as one of my all time favourite festival experiences.

Let the good times roll.

Download 2019
Sydney now joins Melbourne as Download Festival hosts for 2019. The first line-up announcement is in. It's awesome. Head to the Download website for more information.