From Scotland

Woke up to the best email from Scotland …

"I spotted one of your photographs on the wall of a house that I was viewing recently. I bought the house, but haven’t stopped looking online for the photo ever since! I didn’t know your name or your work, but today have finally found you, and the photo.

"It’s The Loveless II, which the old homeowner bought at an exhibition of your work in Melbourne. I absolutely love it, it literally sold the house to me!"

Sarah has just bought a 20x30"(510x760mm) archival print of said photo. Thank you for making the time to search for the photograph and for your incredible email and wonderful purchase Sarah. You're amazing.

The Loveless II. Zo Damage EVE collection. See the sound.


The Loveless II featured in Zo's exhibition titled EVE: A celebration women in rock'n'roll as  shown at Besser Space as part of Leaps And Bounds Festival in July 2016. 

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Zo Damage EVE - Radio National

Listen to Zo Damage talk about EVE and her 365 Day Project with Sky Kirkham on Radio National here.

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