Emotional investment

Leading in to photographing well known artists that I have not seen before conjures mixed feelings and thoughts, particularly when I like their music.

Not liking their music is more challenging, and frankly makes it easier to photograph. It's all business. Find the vibe. See the shot in my mind. Find that shot. Do my best to get it.

Liking an artist or band is a different kettle of fish entirely. I have a personal and emotional investment in the music which more often than not leads to me not liking a single shot from the gig. Of my feeling that none of the shots do the artist or band any justice … Not at least until I revisit them many years later.

Researching bands is not for me either. I'd much rather go in flying by the seat of my pants and having to lean on the energy and what is actually unfolding on the night rather than having a fixed idea of what may (or may not) happen.

A little "organic" never hurt right?

Rather liking Leonard Cohen's music but not being a big fan, I didn't know what to expect as I headed in to Rod Laver Arena for his 2013 show. 

This was one of the many times not doing research paid off. Having no expectations left me open to what ever Cohen delivered. His performance was mesmerising. I was blown away.

Leonard Cohen
Rod Laver Arena 2013
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