Cherry line-up 2018

This year marks the 12th annual Cherry Rock and the line-up is wall-to-wall amazing.

To say I am excited to be photographing Cherry Rock 2018 is an understatement.

Seeing The Cribs again will be nuts, and Cosmic Psychos are playing their first every Cherry Rock. Epic!  The Cribs and Cosmic Psychos are also in my Top 5 gig list. You can read the blog post HERE.

A Swayze & The Ghosts // 
Cash Savage & The Last Drinks // Cosmic Psychos // DIET. // Fluff // Fulton Street // Gabriella Cohen // Kid Congo Powers presents his “Sex Beat Dance Party” // Pistol Peaches // The Chats // The Cribs (UK) // The Mamas // The Southern River Band // Würst Nürse.

If you're watering at the mouth after checking out this insane line-up and have not yet purchased a ticket, I'm afraid that you're too late! Cherry Rock 2018 has well and truely sold out! Keep an eye on Cherry Bar  Facebook Page for news. I got no idea if they are releasing tickets on the day, but hey, can't hurt keeping an ear to the ground right.


Below are a small selection of Cherry Rock highlights from 2007 through to 2017. Photographing the event is always a treat and I'm very much looking forward to another round of good vibes and great music for Cherry Rock 2018. 

Digger and the Pussycats 2007 © Zo Damage

Digger and the Pussycats, Cherry Rock 2007

Blood Duster, Cherry Rock 2007

ECSR, Cherry Rock 2007

Six Ft Hick, Cherry Rock 2009

Hell City Glamours Cherry Rock 2009

Anna, Cherry Rock 2011

Dern Rutlidge, Cherry Rock 2012

Fu Manchu, Cherry Rock 2012

Truckfighters, Cherry Rock 2013 

King Parrot, Cherry Rock 2013

Brant Bjork, Cherry Rock 2014

Red Fang, Cherry Rock 2015

The Shrine, Cherry Rock 2015

Cherry Rock, AC/DC Lane 2016

Polish Club, Cherry Rock 2016

Gay Paris, Cherry Rock 2016

Bottlecap, Cherry Rock 2017

The Dwarves, Cherry Rock 2017

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