Analog bliss

Shooting on film is always a lot of fun. I love the hands on aspect of the medium, and that I am able to produce an image from capture to developing negatives.

To share photography in such a raw and personal format is exciting.

I …

Created …


No bullshit. No bells and whistles. No fancy technology.

This photograph is an in camera double exposure shot on my trusty old Canon AE1 with an FD 20mm f/2.8 lens. It’s interesting watching people look at these in camera double exposures, their default reaction being Photoshop, which is kinda devastating.

The Canon AE1 is about as ducks guts basic as it gets. It has a single focal point and is full manual. To achieve a double exposure in camera one must release and wind the film back. There is no clicker to indicate the number of frames that have been wound back, or anything for that matter. You just wind it back until it feels right. Stop. Wind on. And … go.

Processing the negatives for these double exposures is like being a kid waiting in line at the movies. The excitement and anticipation is amazing.

The live music photographs along with the photographs of city scapes represent the same things. Construction, deconstruction, human impact and the combination of countless elements resulting in something unique. Remove any one of those influences / elements and the picture / sound / energy changes.

This in camera double exposure of Ute Root and La Bronco makes me feel like I'm standing at the bottom of the stairs at The Tote with Bandroom, Up Stairs and Front Bar gigs in full swing. Sound and energy crash and collide. The music flows through and around me.

I’m happy … and grateful.

Untitled IV
The Tote 2018

© Zo Damage
(35mm series — Limited Edition)