A simple horseback event


Fuller and I were talking about ridiculous Blood Duster shows, including Duster's gig at The Prague in 2011. Hilarious doesn't even cover it.

Youngy (King Parrot) had booked the gig. Tony was rockin' a Katy Perry T-shirt and the band came packing roast chickens … lots of roast chickens. It was insane. Roast chook flew through the air, adorned mic stands, got feed to punters mid-song and was pretty much in and on just about everything.

Fuller reckons he found a chicken bone in the back of an amp years later. Youngy? He reckons "Fuck that show. It was a brand new stage. Cunts."

This then led to Duster's 2007 Lyden Na launch at the Hi-Fi.

"What was the horse gig?"
"You know that gig that you had the horse on stage. I got photos of that somewhere."

Blood Duster 
Lyden Na album launch
Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne 2007
© Zo Damage

Years ago (2007) my band Blood Duster decided to have our singer Tone Bone the 5th (a new name for him I'm still toying with) sing the encore mounted on horseback.

When thinking this up I thought it would be an epic event. Stupid and epic. But this simple horseback event required so much effort.

The full sized fake horse came from a farm out Woodend way (borrowed from a family friend who had it standing in a paddock for his own amusement).

The horse had to be collected, placed on a trailer and driven to the city. It then had to be taken off the trailer while tourists got in the way getting photos taken with it, then loaded down those fucking stairs at the Hi-Fi Bar and hidden behind a giant black curtain to wait for the encore.

No one knew it was there and none of the support bands saw it either. We thought it would be more fun if it was a surprise.

At the appropriate time before our encore the lights went out and we quickly moved the horse to the front of the stage in total blackness and somehow got Tony up on it. By that time we were back on our instruments playing 'Drink Fight Fuck' … or some other song, completely straight faced, like this was pretty normal to do.

This entire horse event was met with looks of confusion and general bewilderment and remains one of my happiest memories of the Blood Duster live experience.

I have mentioned this event over the years but no one had a photo and it always sounded like I was just telling a tall story when it was recounted.

I'm really glad that finally there is proof that this happened, I was beginning to think it was all a wonderful dream (I dream of horses quite a bit).

It amuses me for the randomness of having a horse on stage and the amount of effort required to create that feeling of random stupidity for no real discernible reason. To me that sums up Blood Duster and why the band was fun for us.

Jason PC – Blood Duster [Source: Facebook]