Week 50

Week 50
Day 344 – 350
2 February 2017 – 8 February 2017
Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Getting close to the end of my 365 Day Project now folks! Week 50 delivered across the board with Christian Meaas Svendsen from Norway playing an inprov session at Uptown Jazz Cafe, The Hard-Ons for Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar first birthday bash (happy birthday Shane and Leanne!), Wet Lips and Shripwitch for Wet Fest III at The Tote, Southern Stars at Cherry Bar, Ogopogo for Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club, RVIVR at The Old Bar and Cash Savage And The Last Drinks playing a brilliant set for PBS Drive Live 2017.

Christian Meaas Svendsen © Zo Damage

Christian Meaas Svendsen
Day 334/366 – 2 February 2017

Christian Meaas Svendsen from Norway joins local musicians playing an improv set at Uptown Jazz Cafe, Fitzroy.

The Hard-Ons © Zo Damage

The Hard-Ons
Day 345/366 – 3 February 2017

The Hard-Ons play Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar's first birthday celebrations.

Wet Lips, Wet Fest 2017 © Zo Damage

Wet Lips
Day 346/366 – 4 February 2016
Music fans pack out The Tote band-room in Collingwood to see Wet Lips at Wet Fest III.

Shrimpwitch, Wet Fest 2017 © Zo Damage

Day 346/366 – 4 February 2017

Shrimpwitch play a knock out set for Wet Fest in the newly renovated Cobra Bar at The Tote, Collingwood.

Southern Stars © Zo Damage

Southern Stars
Day 347/366 – 5 February 2017

Southern Stars play Cherry Bar, Melbourne.

Ogopogo © Zo Damage

Day 348/366 – 6 February 2017

Ogopogo play Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club, Northcote.

RVIVR © Zo Damage

Day 349/366 – 7 February 2017

RVIVR play The Old Bar, Fitzoy.

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks © Zo Damage

Cash Savage & The Last Drinks
Day 350/366 – 8 February 2017

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks play live to air for PBS Drive Live in Studio 5 at PBS, Collingwood.

Behind the scenes, PBS © Zo Damage

Behind the scenes
Day 350/366 – 8 February 2017

The evening sun pours into the kitchen and hall ways out the back at PBS, Collingwood.

On 25 February 2016 Zo committed to photographing a band or more every day for a full year with her 365 Day [Live Music Photography] Project. As 2016 was a leap year Zo photographed each of the 366 days, successfully completing her unprecedented project on 24 February 2017.

The Damage Report

Zo's book The Damage Report, released in August 2017, celebrates the successful completion of her 365 Day Project, offering an insightful look into live music culture from the perspective of the scene itself. Find out more here.

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