Week 27

Week 27
Day 183 – 189
25 August 2016 – 31 August 2016
Zo Damage 365 Day Project

It's not often that I am lucky enough to discover a number of project highlight bands in one week let alone two. With Two Headed Dog being added to the list of project highlight bands in Week 26, followed by my being blown out by Thug Mills, DÄRKNIFE and Warped in this week’s gigs there is no doubt I was a very happy photographer. Week 27 of The Project features Joe Matera at The Retreat Front Bar, Thug Mills at The Old Bar, DÄRKNIFE at Northcote Social, Atomic Riot for SlugFest at Cherry Bar, Warped and Budd at The Reverence Hotel, Dan Richardson at the Corner and Wrong Turn in Cobra Bar at The Tote.

Wrong Turn - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Wrong Turn
Day 183/366 – 25 August 2016
Wrong Turn play Cobra Bar at The Tote, Collingwood. Today tips the half way marker for my 365 Day Project.

Dan Richardson - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Dan Richardson
Day 184/366 – 26 August 2016
Dan Richardson supporting Twelve Ft Ninja the Corner Hotel, Richmond.

Budd - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Day 185/366 – 27 August 2016
Brisbane's Budd supporting Warped at The Reverence Hotel, Footscray.

Warped - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Day 185/366 – 27 August 2016
Warped smashed it at the Reverence Hotel, Footscray.

Atomic Riot - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Atomic Riot
Day 186/366 – 28 August 2016
Atomic Riot open a night of celebration and good times for Slugs annual birthday bash "SlugFest" at Cherry Bar Melbourne.

DARKNIFE - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Day 187/366 – 29 August 2016
Electro two-piece DÄRKNIFE blow away the crowd for Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club, Northcote. DÄRKNIFE are project highlight.

Thug Mills - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Thug Mills
Day 188/366 – 30 August 2016
Today was about juggling. Studio time, the pop-up shop at Goatsound, kids and shooting. With nothing locked in I decided to head to The Old Bar in Fitzroy. Thug Mills were mid-set. Good? Yep! Project highlight band for sure.

Joe Matera - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Joe Matera
Day 189/366 – 31 August 2016
Joe Matera plays The Retreat front bar, Brunswick. These challenging rooms bring home the musicians' passion and commitment to their craft, which for me, is simply put, inspirational.

On 25 February 2016 Zo committed to photographing a band or more every day for a full year with her 365 Day [Live Music Photography] Project. As 2016 was a leap year Zo photographed each of the 366 days, successfully completing her unprecedented project on 24 February 2017.

The Damage Report

Zo's book The Damage Report, released in August 2017, celebrates the successful completion of her 365 Day Project, offering an insightful look into live music culture from the perspective of the scene itself. Find out more here.

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