Week 01

Week 1
Day 1 – 7
25 February 2016 – 2 March 2016
Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Welcome to Week 1 of my 365 day live music photography project. This first week features Dead Root at Bar Open, San Cisco and Kasey Chambers sets at Melbourne Zoo Twilight Sessions, Howl At The Moon at The Old Bar, The Golden Girls for Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club, Jaala at The Gasometer Hotel, and, High Finance and Don Bosco battle for week one of Tote'L'Rumble at The Tote.

D001: Dead Root at Goatsound

Goatsound Studios
Day 1/366 – 25 February 2016
Hanging out with Ben and Ash from Dead Root during their Fuck Every Thing recording session at Goatsound with Fuller. After playing with the idea of doing a 365 Day Project, it was on this day that I decided it was time.

Dead Root - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Dead Root
Day 1/366 – 25 February 2016 
Dead Root play their first ever gig at Bar Open in Fitzroy. Let the 365 day live music photography project begin.

San Cisco - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Zoo Twilight Sessions
Day 2/366 – 26 February 2016
Music fans fill the lawn as they wait for San Cisco to take the stage at Melbourne Zoo Twilight Sessions.

San Cisco - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

San Cisco
Day 2/366 – 26 February 2016
San Cisco play to a capacity crowd at Melbourne Zoo Twilight Sessions.

Karise Eden - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Karise Eden
Day 3 – 27 February 2016
Karise Eden supporting Kasey Chambers at Melbourne Zoo Twilight Sessions, Melbourne. There was a lot of buzz about Karise from the crowd. Apparently she was on a TV show. I don't watch telly and had no idea who this power house of a woman was. Incredible voice. Check her out.

Kasey Chambers - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Kasey Chambers
Day 3/366 – 27 February 2016
Kasey Chambers performs to a full house at Melbourne Zoo Twilight Sessions, Melbourne.

Howl At The Moon - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Howl At The Moon
Day 4 – 28 February 2016
Howl at the Moon play The Old Bar in Fitzroy before heading off on their European tour.

The Golden Girls - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

The Golden Girls
Day 5/366 – 29 February 2016
The Golden Girls play Monday Night Mass at the Northcote Social Club, Northcote. It took many months for me to realise this day marked 2016 being a leap year. Go figure.

Jaala - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Day 6/366 – 1 March 2016
Jaala play the The Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood.

Goatsound - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Day 6/366 – 2 March 2016
A quick visit with Rob and Jason from instrumental surf band Birdcage at Goatsound before shooting the nights gig.

Don Bosco v High Finance - Zo Damage 365 Day Project

Don Bosco v High Finance
Day 7/366 – 2 March 2016
Don Bosco & High Finance epic battle for week one of Tote'L'Rumble at The Tote, Collingwood.

On 25 February 2016 Zo committed to photographing a band or more every day for a full year with her 365 Day [Live Music Photography] Project. As 2016 was a leap year Zo photographed each of the 366 days, successfully completing her unprecedented project on 24 February 2017.

The Damage Report

Zo's book The Damage Report, released in August 2017, celebrates the successful completion of her 365 Day Project, offering an insightful look into live music culture from the perspective of the scene itself. Find out more here.

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