Readings Books review The Damage Report

Gerald Elson [Readings Books] on the importance of The Damage Report.

You have to admit, it’s a crazy idea.

Beginning February 25, 2016, Zo Damage, Melburnian gig photographer extraordinaire, would photograph at least one live band per calendar entry over the next year. For obvious reasons, the endeavour came to be known as the 365 Day Project. Four days later, when Damage and her Canon EOS-1 were primely positioned at a Golden Girls gig at the Northcote Social Club to capture a gallery-worthy shot of the band’s lead singer, Jocelyn Richardson, it was still February. A leap year! That really must have seemed like the universe taking the piss. Firstly, it left a snappy, efficient moniker open to the hairsplitting of pedants. And as anyone who’s ever eavesdropped in a record store knows, any rock scene worth its tequila, salt and lime has its fair share of those, the kind of men (and they’re always men) for whom literalism is a calling only fractionally lower than the search for a mint copy of the 1978 French pressing of Prehistoric Sounds. (‘The 365 Day Project? But this a leap year!’ some craft-beer-sipping Socrates almost certainly exclaimed during the project’s course.) 

— Gerard Elson, Readings Books

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