News 19.07.2019

Lluis Fuzzhound new THEY DONE SCRUFFY WRONG launch and exhibition opening. Ly de Angeles and Serenity de Angeles launch new book UNDER SNOW.  Zo Damage photo of the week.


THEY DONE SCRUFFY WRONG launch & exhibition by Lluis Fuzzhound. Opens Saturday 20 July 2019 with special in-store performance by Thee Cha Cha Chas.

Zo Damage is proud to present THEY DONE SCRUFFY WRONG wordless comic chapters 5 & 6 launch & exhibition by Lluis Fuzzhound. Opens Saturday 20 August.

Fuzzhound's band THEE Cha Cha Chas will joining the celebrations playing a live in-store gig of their own particular soul infused punk on opening day.

Chapters 5 and 6 of THEY DONE SCRUFFY WRONG along with the full back catalog and a series of new Scruffy inspired paintings by Fuzzhound will be available to buy in store. Credit cards and AmEx accepted.

UNDER SNOW by Ly de Angeles & Serenity de Angeles book launch.

Under Snow - de Angeles.jpg

Zo Damage is honoured to be hosting the launch of Ly de Angeles and Serenity de Angeles new book UNDER SNOW. Ly and Serenity will in attendance for the launch. UNDER SNOW available to purchase in-store. Book signing available. Credit cards & AmEx accepted.

STILL & CLAN back in stock

These beautiful A4 saddle stitched booklets of the Zo Damage CLAN and STILL collections feature stunning layouts of full and double page images. At $15 each, these stunning print publications are a great low budget gift idea for book, art and photography alike. Typeset and designed by Zo Damage. Printed in Melbourne. Book signing available on request.

Photo of the week

Cosmic Psychos

Last week a woman asked what my life long connection with photography is. My head spun. What is my connection with photography? — Zo Damage [Photo of the week excerpt.]