Jam rooms and Headspace

Nida from Silverlight Shadows talks time-lines, jam rooms and Headspace.

What is different about Headspace from your debut?

The first album had a few mellow tracks on it, but this one is short, fast and loud from start to finish. It has gone up a gear from the first one. We had only three jams before recording it, but we had been rehearsing solidly for a year and are playing a lot better as a band. The lyrics on this one aren't as dark. 

How about the process?

We recorded the album at Goatsound. I really enjoy working with Fuller. He's a funny guy, so he keeps you entertained. He also had some good ideas on changing the way I sang the chorus on a few tracks. They sounded a lot better. Goatsound being a rehearsal space as well it has lots of rooms, so we we're able to separate all the amps and record the album live with the band all in one room, something that hasn't been possible in some other studios I have recorded in.

Dan (bass) really wanted to have the mastering done at Birdland. He had wanted to work with Lindsay for a while. We went in at about 10 o'clock at night as Lindsay was finishing and did all the gaps and fades between the tracks and had a few beers with him. He's done a great job.   

Silveright Shadows Headspace.jpg

Tell us about the songs and the writing experience for Headspace.

It was written really quickly. We were back in the studio a few weeks after the release of the first album. It was originally going to be an EP, but I wrote a few more songs at the last minute. One of the tracks was played for the first time in the studio. The songs have more of a don't give a fuck attitude.


Listen to Silverlight Shadows LP “Headspace” available on 180g vinyl and for digital download via Bandcamp.


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