Heavy & Hammered III

Heavy & Hammered III
The Tote
7 October 2017

This year PBS FM presented their third annual Heavy & Hammered event in celebration of all things brutal. 

As with previous years, the event aims to highlight and promote local heavy bands while raising much needed coin for the community radio station. I caught up with Kene Lightfoot, presenter of Burning Bitumen, after the show to find out about the background of Heavy & Hammered.

What is Heavy & Hammered?

Heavy and Hammered is a Annual event that Mitch From Through the Collapse (Extreme Metal) came up with to showcase the best heavy bands in Melbourne and the Hard and Heavy presenters from PBS FM which is a community station which survives mainly on community membership and community sponsorship. The shows involved cover different genres of heavy music from extreme metal to progressive rock.

Has the event changed since it's first run?

The concept has only been refined since the first Heavy & Hammered all of the shows involved contact and put forward bands to insure a representative mix. We have support from the station, which involves a staff member and some volunteer help.

Any personal highlights for Heavy & Hammered III?

All the bands were amazing. This year was easily my favourite line-up so far. There was just so much talent across all three stages of the venue! Highlights for me were the old school metal band Turret owning the up stairs stage and the blunt forced trauma that Pissbolt inflicted on the front bar. 

What about 2018?

Planning for Heavy & Hammered IV has already begun and bands are champing at the bit to help support PBS with some surprising additions. But this is why we do it to support the best heavy music city in the world!

Heavy & Hammered III highlights