The most exciting thing about film photography is getting the negatives processed.

The second most exciting thing about film photography is going through the negatives and finding photographs that resonate from the core of my bones out through my skin.

It does not happen often.

This photograph [Fitzroy I], taken with a Canon AE1 on Fuji Superia 1600 in 2018 reminds me of the Fitzroy I knew and loved as a kid.

The energy, construction, deconstruction and grime. The bustle and solitude. The insanity and comfort.

All of it.

No matter where I live it will always be home.

 IS_P_2901 004

Ltd Edition

This very Limited Edition photograph is part of the Zo Damage 35mm Film series. Prints created on Group C archival paper using the highest quality archival pigments. Limited Edition of –/10 only.

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This photograph is a very limited edition, hand signed, titled and numbered by Zo Damage and available to buy exclusively from Zo Damage @ QVM. Credit cards accepted. Gift cards available. PBS member discount applies. Phone and email orders welcome.