CLAN Collection Catalog

Zo Damage presents a powerful collection of photographs celebrating music fans and the energy between fans and artists in the collection CLAN.

The Zo Damage CLAN Collection Catalog offers 60 pages with stunning layouts of photographs as featured in the Zo Damage CLAN exhibition collection on show at Zo’s store located at 147 Victoria St Queen Victoria Market Melbourne.

Made in Melbourne and typeset and designed by the photographer, the Zo Damage CLAN Collection Catalog is available to buy exclusively from Zo Damage @ QVM.

Photographs from the CLAN collection may be purchased in-store from Zo Damage @ QVM, 147 Victoria St, Melbourne. Phone and email orders welcome. Credit cards accepted.

A large family, or a group of people who share the same interest.
[Source: Cambridge Dictionary]

Zo Damage
QVM: "Services To The Community Award" 2018
Australian Antarctic Division: Antarctic Arts Fellowship Short List 2018
The Age Music Victoria: "Outstanding Achievement Award" 2017