A different view

First posted 21 November 2018

It's interesting to see and hear people's reactions to particular photographs. This photograph from Soundwave 2010 is a personal favourite.

When posted to social media it gets a very positive response as I am able to share the story that makes this moment so special. On the flip side, when this photograph has been on show in an exhibition the reactions are very different. I can see people being drawn to the image and their curiosity while it would appear many are also nervous about it. What is really going on here right. 

In The Pit 2010

In The Pit 2010

I had never seen so many young women crowd surfing and giving the lads a run for their money at a major festival before. The energy was incredible. I wanted to take photos of the people who had come across the barrier as they left the pit. 

"In The Pit" is of one of the young women who crowd surfed her way over the D-Ring making it to the barrier, into the pit and headed back out for more. Regardless of how other people see this photograph, to me it represents dignity, courage and strength.


Ltd Edition

In The Pit first showed in the Zo Damage GRIT Exhibition. The exhibition featured a series of 16x20” prints, each created using Group C archival paper and very limited to an edition of 3.

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A Limited Edition [–/3], this 406x508mm archival print is hand signed, titled and numbered by Zo Damage and available to buy exclusively from Zo Damage @ QVM. Credit cards accepted. Gift cards available. PBS member discount applies. Phone and email orders welcome.