Week 52

Week 52
Day 358–366
16–24 February 2017

Trendy Melbourne lanes, jazz, brutal Bach reinterpretations, epic sold out shows, Austrian prog, indie vibes, solo artists, unexpected gigs, bands from Beijing, cruisy Sundays and a lot of metal. Week 52 marks the completion of stage one of my 365 Day Project and includes Daniel Tucceri at Northcote Social Club, The Big And Easy Jazz Band busking in Degraves Lane, Alithia and Mother's Cake at The Evelyn and Christ Crusher, Vicious Circle, Blunt Shovel and the Douche Crew at The Tote. VC being added to the Blunt Shovel line up and discovering Shovels were playing upstairs in Cobra Bar on the same night made my week! Two of my favourite bands are now in 365! Win! This week also features Jade Imagine in The Tote front bar, Ross Elliott at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Nuclear Assault at Max Watt's, Birdstriking at The Tote and the Baudelairs, Jules McKenzie and White+ sets at The Old Bar, Fitzroy. 

With stage one of my 365 Day Project now complete it's time to get cracking on stage two … The Damage Report Vol I exhibition. It's going to be nuts and I am incredibly excited to be in a position to share the last 366 days with you. Thanks to everyone for their incredible support and interest in my photographing a live band or more a day every day for a calendar year. Oh, as for 365 becoming 366 … well, 2016 was a leap year so although my project drew to a close on 23 February at 365 days, I decided to take it full cycle year closing it out on 24 February 2017 at day 366. What a ride.

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