Week 29

Week 29 [Day 197-203]
8-14 September 2016

Week 29 of my 365 Day Live Music Photography Project was probably the most insane week to-date. On 11 September I cracked DAY 200 - DAY 200! - then, 3 days later found myself in North Melbourne at 10.30 on a Wednesday night with a flat battery, the dog, no money and no way to get to a gig. If not for the good will of complete strangers, and Anne of the Wolves, my project would have been over. Day 203 of Week 29 was insane. I've have written a small piece about it which you can read HERE.

Week 29 includes Anne of the Wolves at Bar Open, RVG at Howler, The Loveless for Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social, Digger and the Pussycats and Wet Lips for Electric Goner Boogie (DAY 200!) at The Tote, The Synthetics at The Yarra, Legends of Motorsport at Woodies, the mighty Six Ft Hick with Bad Vision and The Braves at The Tote and Me-Graines and The Pro-Tools at Bar Open.